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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Why Now is the Perfect Time to be Promoting Your Freelance Services

Camino abierto by Edur8, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Edur8 

Like most self-employed people, I lost a few long-term clients as a result of the economic recession.

At one point I was down to just three 'regulars', which was not enough for me to feel comfortable with (though I do have other income streams apart from clients, of course, such as my Kindle e-books).

In the last few weeks, though, things seem to be changing. One former client whose business had gone under as a result of the downturn got in touch again with the first of what he promises will be a series of writing and editing jobs he wants me to do on behalf of his new business.

And a few days later another client I hadn't heard from in ages emailed me with a series of novelty writing projects, and asked me to take on as many as I felt I could realistically handle.

My experience is hardly proof positive, of course, but it does correspond with the general view that some sort of recovery is now in place. In my workplace it is definitely happening, anyway!

So my advice today is, if you have any old clients you haven't heard from a while, now would be the perfect time to drop them a line and remind them that you are still open for business.

Equally, if you're new to freelancing, now is a great time to be sending off speculative applications and proposals, polishing your writing CV, jazzing up your blog or website, and so on.

And that applies with still more force as the holiday season (in the northern hemisphere) comes to an end and everyone returns to their desks to plan new projects, for which they may need writing or editing services. Make sure your name is foremost on their mind while they are doing so!
  • Have you noticed more freelance opportunities arising in recent weeks? Do you have any other tips for freelancers on making the most of the (possibly fragile) economic recovery? Please post any comments or questions below! 

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