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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kinstant Dashboard from Rachel Rofe - Review and Bonuses!

Kinstant Dashboard is a new premium marketing tool (and training course) for Kindle authors, publishers and promoters. It has been launched today by successful Kindle author and publishing guru Rachel Rofe.

I have reviewed a number of products from Rachel in the past, including Hands Off Books and Your Book Monopoly. As far as I know, Kinstant Dashboard is her biggest launch to date. Rachel was kind enough to allow me reviewer access, so here's what I found...

Kinstant Dashboard is entirely web-based. This makes using it much simpler, and means the software can be continuously updated without having to download and install a succession of new versions. And it will also work just as well for Windows and Mac users. All you need is your log-in details, so be careful not to lose them!

Once you are in, you will see a plain, uncluttered homepage with four tabs. These are Dashboard, Manage Books, Promotion, and Facebook Promotion.

The first thing you will want to do is add your Kindle book (or books), so click on Add Books from the drop-down menu under Manage Books. You will then see a page that looks like the one below...

With all the screen captures in this review, you can see a larger version by clicking on them. Use the Back button on your browser to return here.

You have to fill in a page like this for each e-book you want to promote - as you can see, it's not a massive task. One thing you can do - which is optional, though recommended - is list up to seven keywords or phrases you would like your book to rank for. In other words, when someone searches using these terms, you would like your title to appear as high up the Amazon results list as possible. As you will see later, the software has some clever features to help you accomplish this.

There are three boxes at the foot of the page and I recommend leaving all three checked (which they are by default). These allow you to track the number of reviews your book has attracted on and (perhaps more usefully) its Amazon bestseller rank and where it currently ranks for each of your chosen keywords. All of this information can be viewed at any time via your Dashboard page, which lists all the books you have added to the software. Clicking on a title then brings up a page such as the one below...

As you will see, on the right of the page you can view the current rankings for your book, including keyword rankings, along with charts showing how they have changed. You can also monitor your reviews from here.

On the left of the page is a checklist of all Rachel's recommendations for promoting your book. As you click the box to the right of each one to confirm that it has been completed, the colored progress bar at the top gradually moves from the left to the right.

What you might not realize initially, however, is that if you click on any of the suggested actions, a new page will open with training on the item in question. Here is the page for the first item, Create a Free Bonus and Opt-In Page for Your Book, for example...

The training is a mixture of text (as shown in the screen capture above) and video. In many cases there are several pages, and once you have read and digested one page, you click on Next to move to the following one. This is an invaluable feature, and why I earlier described Kinstant Dashboard as a training course as well as a software tool.

There are two other tabs on the Kinstant Dashboard homepage, Promotions and Facebook Promotions. The Promotions page is where you enter details of your KDP Select free promotions (as you probably know, if you enrol your Kindle e-book in KDP Select, you can offer it free for up to five days at a time, which can help boost its sales rank and get you more reviews).

Once you have entered details of your promotion and clicked on Submit, the software will then send this information out to a list of websites that publicize free promos (Free Digital Reads, Book Deal Hunter, and so on). This will save you a lot of time compared with submitting this information manually, and should ensure that you get plenty of free publicity for your promo days.

Finally, the Facebook Promotions tab will help you publicize your promotions by posting to a range of Facebook Groups devoted to free e-book promotions. Initially it will guide you through joining the groups in question, then once you have a promo ready to run it will take you to all the groups again so you can post on them. Again, this should ensure that your promotion is brought to the attention of as many potential downloaders as possible.

One further thing is that the Amazon links generated by the software are embedded with the search keywords you entered originally, so when someone clicks on the link, it appears to Amazon that they came to your book having searched for the keywords in question. This should help boost your book's ranking on Amazon for the keywords concerned.

I've run through the main features of the product here, but Rachel has also made her own video, so I have embedded it below for those who prefer to absorb this information visually.

As ever, if you are receiving this post by RSS or email, you may need to visit my blog to watch the video.

As you will gather, in my view Kinstant Dashboard is a powerful software tool and course that should help any Kindle author to promote their work. It's very easy and intuitive to use, and provides lots of valuable advice and training as well.

My only slight criticism is that it is entirely focused on, so it won't (for example) track reviews on Amazon UK or other international sites. For most features of the software this doesn't really matter, but it might be nice if support for non-US Amazon sites could be added in future.

As I'm a big fan of Kinstant Dashboard, I've decided to add a unique bonus of my own to anyone buying it via a link in this blog post. Just forward your email receipt to me at, changing the -AT- to the usual @ symbol (alternatively, copy and paste your receipt into my Contact Me form with the subject line BONUS CLAIM).

I will then send you not one but TWO modules of my forthcoming Writer's Cashpoint course. You will receive Module 2 - Make Quick Cash With Fiverr (a guide for writers to generating a sideline income using this hugely popular outsourcing site) and Module 6 - Use PLR for Quick Profits (a guide to using private label rights profits to boost your profits, including the RIGHT way to use PLR products to quickly create Kindle e-books). Once Writer's Cashpoint is launched I will have to withdraw these bonuses, so don't delay if you want to get them free now!

EXTRA BONUS: I've just added a new bonus for buyers of Kinstant Dashboard via my link. This is my brand new mini-report titled "How to Create the Ultimate Amazon Affiliate link for your Kindle Ebook!"

By using just this one link you will be able to forward all visitors to the sales page for your book in their own national Amazon store. The link will also incorporate your Amazon affiliate code, so you will earn commission from ANY purchases they make (not just your e-book!) - as long as you're an affiliate of that store, of course.

And finally, the link will include any search keywords you choose, so it looks to Amazon as though the visitor searched for these keywords and clicked through to your book's sales page from the results. This WILL boost your book's Amazon ranking for the keywords in question. Perhaps you can see now why I call it the ultimate Amazon affiliate link!

My report "How to Create The Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Link for Your Kindle Ebook" will be sent along with the other bonuses when you send me a copy of your email receipt, as explained above.

If you have any comments or questions about Kinstant Dashboard, as always, please feel free to post them below.

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