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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Free Meditation MP3 from Inspire3
I've mentioned my colleagues from self-development company Inspire3 once or twice before on this blog.

They produce the excellent Brain Evolution System and Brain Salon products (both of which I use myself and recommend) and also run the Hypnosis Live website.

They produce cutting-edge brainwave entrainment products, which use a variety of techniques to help users control and alter their mental state.

I wanted to let you know today about a special giveaway Inspire3 are running this month. They have just launched a new flagship product called Zen12. This is a set of 12-minute audio MP3s, which use brainwave entrainment to help users achieve a state of deep meditation quicker than ever before.

The full Zen12 product is a year-long meditation program at twelve levels. At each level you can choose from guided meditation, relaxation music, sounds of nature, or white noise. You can also mix and match among them, to ensure you never have to get bored listening to the same thing.

The benefits include stress and anxiety relief, greater relaxation, better focus, enhanced creativity, and more.

Right now you can download a free sample MP3 that will give you a flavor of how Zen12 works. My friend Karl Moore, who helped develop Zen12, says that in his opinion it's Inspire3's best product yet.

Download your free Zen12 meditation MP3 here

As with all brainwave entrainment products, it's best to listen through headphones or earphones. If you do, I'm willing to bet that you will notice a definite beneficial effect, even from the sample session alone. There is, of course, no obligation to make any purchase.

If you have any comments or questions, as always, please feel free to post them below.

* If you are interested in meditation, I should also mention that my sponsors The WCCL Network have a product called The Meditation Program which offers similar benefits to Zen12 (although they are quite different programs). Do check it out as well!

Meditation program

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