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Friday, October 10, 2014

Two Recommended Products for WordPress Content Site Creators

Readers who have been with me for a while will know that one of my regular clients is More Money Review.

This is a UK-based website that publishes unbiased, independent reviews of home money-making opportunities of all types. I strongly recommend checking it out!

In today's post I want to highlight a couple of products I reviewed for MMR recently that I was especially impressed with. These are both products intended for people who want to create money-making niche websites.

These are, of course, sites that target people with a particular interest. That interest might be anything from container gardening to roller-coaster riding, solar panels to writing for children.

This can be one of the best - and easiest - methods of making money online; and because it involves creating in-depth content that is attractive to people interested in the niche in question, it is especially suitable for people with writing skills.

Once you have such a site, you can monetize it with links to related affiliate products, Google AdSense ads, and perhaps your own products such as e-books. Some visitors to your site will hopefully click on your ads and make purchases, thus generating an online income for you.

One of the most popular tools for creating niche content sites is WordPress. As you probably know, this is a software platform that can provide a ready-made infrastructure for your site, meaning you don’t need to be an expert programmer or website designer yourself.

Even so, there is a learning curve to negotiate. There is therefore no shortage of books, e-books and courses aimed at would-be entrepreneurs promising to get them up to speed with WordPress. Wealthy Affiliate and bizXpress are two of the better such products I have looked at recently.

Wealthy Affiliate 
Wealthy Affiliate takes the form of a membership site. It is run by two Canadian entrepreneurs, Kyle and Carson. Basic membership is free, while premium membership (which gives access to all the training and various additional resources and benefits) costs $47 (about £29) a month. You can sign up for free membership here.

As a free member you are obviously not able to access all areas on the site, but you do nevertheless get access to the entire 'Level One' training. This consists of ten in-depth lessons that take you step by step through researching a niche for your first WordPress site, and setting it up.

As a free member, you are also allowed to have two WordPress sites hosted by Wealthy Affiliate. This means you can apply the lessons you learn in Level One and have your own complete and functioning WordPress site (or sites) by the end of it.

Admittedly, to learn how to make money from your site and drive traffic to it, you will need to sign up for premium membership (or teach yourself these skills). Even so, if you want some basic training in WordPress website creation, Wealthy Affiliate free membership represents a pretty good deal.

You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate on the More Money Review website here.

Note that you will need to be an MMR member and logged in to read the whole thing, but registering is free and only takes a moment.


Like Wealthy Affiliate, bizXpress is a training course (with additional resources) for anyone who would like to set up a money-making niche website using the WordPress platform. And again, you can sign up for free or paid-for membership.

At the heart of bizXpress is a WordPress plugin that gives you access to all the bizXpress training and other resources from the dashboard of your own WordPress site (although you can also access all the content directly from the bizXpress website).

Again, some content is only accessible to Pro (paying) members. In particular, there is a ten-module training course, but only modules one to three are available to free members. These take you through choosing and researching a niche for your site, but not actually building it.

Full membership of bizXpress costs $149 a year, although (as with Wealthy Affiliate) you can of course cancel at any time. This is obviously quite a bit cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate, although you don't get hosting for your site included.

You can read my full review of bizXpress on the More Money Review website here

Both these products include a wide range of other resources and research tools as well. They also have active members' communities, where you can ask questions and share tips and ideas with other users of the product in question.

In my view, both Wealthy Affiliate and bizXpress are well worth a look if you are interested in niche website building, or simply want to improve your WordPress skills. Do check them out, and read my in-depth reviews on More Money Review as well.

As ever, if you have any comments or queries, please do post them below.

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