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Friday, November 28, 2014

Review: Crowdfunding Author
Crowdfunding Author is a new guide that reveals how authors can use crowdfunding websites such as Indiegogo and KickStarter to raise money to finance self-publishing projects.

Crowdfunding is a subject in which I have a particular interest. I therefore bought a copy myself to see what it was all about and review it on my blog.

The authors of the guide are self publishing expert Miss K (Krizia) and children's author Alinka Rutkowska.

Alinka raised almost $10,000 to help publish her first book on Indiegogo, despite living in a small village in Italy and having English as a second language.

Crowdfunding Author is currently on a special launch offer via The Warrior Forum. It takes the form of a main manual and four bonuses. Somewhat unusually these days, this is not a video course.

The main manual is a 79-page PDF. It takes you step-by-step through the whole crowdfunding process, starting from assessing whether your proposed project would be suitable. It goes on to look at choosing a crowdfunding platform, planning your campaign, deciding what "perks" to offer your supporters, publicizing your campaign, and so on.

The manual is well written and produced, with plenty of screen-capture illustrations. The text is quite concise, but it sets out all the important things you need to know, and includes some valuable tips based on Alinka's own experiences.

It does make the point that you can't ask for money just to line your own pockets. You need to decide (and reveal to backers) exactly what the money raised will be used for, be it book production, publicity, advertising, or whatever. In most cases, of course, it will be a combination of things.

The aim of the crowdfunding campaign should be to produce the best book you possibly can and ensure it is marketed effectively, leading to maximum profits for you. In exchange for their financial support, you can offer your backers various perks, from a copy of the published book to lunch with the author!

As well as the main manual, buyers get four bonus items. These are as follows:

1. Eight-step guide to launching a crowdfunding campaign. This is essentially an illustrated summary of the main manual.

2. Crowdfunding Launching Pad. This manual written by Miss K reveals how you can deploy the money you raise through crowdfunding most efficiently, using methods such as outsourcing and Facebook marketing.

3. Crowdfunding Mindmap. This sets out the crowdfunding process in a single diagram.

4. Sample Author Pitch Letter. This is a sample letter you can send out to all your contacts to alert them to your crowdfunding campaign.

Overall, I thought Crowdfunding Author was an excellent introductory guide for any writer who may be interested in funding a self-publishing project by this means. I would just comment that it has quite a strong visual emphasis. This is good in many ways, though in the bonus reports especially I could have done without quite so many generic images of people sitting at typewriters and so on.

One big plus, clearly, is that the manual is full of practical tips and advice from someone who has actually applied this method successfully to publish their books.

For more information about Crowdfunding Author, please click through to the sales and information page.

And if you have any comments or questions, as ever, please feel free to post them below.

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