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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Review: Publishing Intelligence Nonfiction: Volume 1

Publishing Intelligence is a new series of products for writers which has just been launched by the prolific Amy Harrop (on this occasion without her usual business partner, Deborah Drum).

Publishing Intelligence Nonfiction: Volume 1 is the first in this series of blueprints for writers looking to create Kindle e-books in promising nonfiction niches. It's just been launched at a low offer price, and will be available at this price till 18 November 2014, after which it will go up.

Amy was kind enough to allow me pre-launch reviewer access to Publishing Intelligence Nonfiction: Volume 1, so here's what I found...

As is often the way nowadays, the content is accessed via a WordPress membership site. This has the advantage that it can be easily updated/expanded with content of various kinds, though don't forget to keep your log-in details somewhere you can easily find them again!

Once you are in the members area, you will be able to access the content. This is organized in three main sections, these being Module 1 - Niche Research, Module 2 - Writing Your Book, and Module 3 - Marketing and Promoting Your Content. Each module contains a variety of resources, including PDF manuals, videos, checklists, spreadsheets, website links, and so on.

I have been asked not to reveal the exact niche this product is about, but I can say that it comes within the healthy-eating category. There is therefore some similarity with the KD Blueprint: Healthy Diet Edition product from Amy and Debbie that I reviewed in this blog post a few months ago. I can, however, confirm that this is a different product concerning a different (though obviously related) niche. If you are interested in writing in the popular diet/healthy eating niche, you could certainly benefit from both of these products.

Module 1 discusses the exact niche you will be targeting. At the heart of this is a 14-page PDF. In it Amy provides an overview of the niche followed by more in-depth information about trends, relevant keywords, and the demographics of your potential readership.

After that she provides an analysis of current titles on Amazon and what you can learn from them. In addition the manual sets out various (free) research methods you can use (e.g. with Facebook) to help ensure that your book finds a large and receptive audience. I found this information especially valuable.

Module 1 also includes three informative videos, and other resources including spreadsheets for recording the outcome of your research.

Module 2 is about the nitty-gritty of actually creating your book. An 11-page PDF takes you through researching and outlining your book, writing and editing it, and then publishing it. That's a lot of ground to cover in 11 pages, so as you might expect links are included to other resources. These include websites and also specific documents. For example, there are links to three sample outlines for books in this niche, which you can use or adapt as you like.

Part 3 looks at promoting your book. A 14-page PDF is devoted to this. I was quite impressed that the advice provided here was specific to the niche in question. Credit to Amy for resisting the temptation to re-use a marketing guide she had written already! Some of the advice is nonetheless likely to be familiar to experienced Kindle authors (and buyers of other products from Amy), but I found plenty of good tips I hadn't seen before as well.

Finally, there is a comprehensive resources section. This includes links to PLR (private label right) content in the niche in question, research and keyword data, free image sites, relevant niche blogs and websites, and much more. This is invaluable information, and should save you a lot of time compared with researching all these resources yourself.

One thing you should be aware of with this product is that there is almost no information about the mechanics of actually publishing your book on Kindle (or elsewhere). The assumption is that you will know how to do this already. Alternatively, there are lots of other guides to this subject available, including my own Kindle Kash. Publishing Intelligence Nonfiction: Volume 1 is essentially a market research and marketing guide for anyone with an interest in publishing in this niche.

Overall, I thought Publishing Intelligence Nonfiction: Volume 1 was a high-quality product crammed with useful advice and information. It is especially good value at the launch-offer price. If you are interested in writing for the healthy-eating niche, it's definitely worth a look. And, of course, much of the advice given would be relevant when targeting other nonfiction niches as well.

If you have any comments or questions about Publishing Intelligence Nonfiction: Volume 1, as ever, please do leave them below.

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