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Friday, November 07, 2014

Subliminal360: Another New Launch from Inspire3!

I've mentioned my friends at the self-development company Inspire3 a few times in this blog.

They produce cutting-edge self-development products such as self-hypnosis MP3s and their flagship Brain Evolution System. Regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of the latter in particular.

I know a number of you took advantage of the free offer Inspire3 made last month on their Subliminal Guru MP3s, and I hope that if you did you are already noticing the benefits from this.

Their latest launch is a website titled, which - you may not be surprised to hear - is promoting their brand new Subliminal360 software.

Rather than using audio, this (Windows) software displays subliminal visual messages on your computer screen while you are using it. The messages are flashed up too briefly to see consciously, but are designed to have a powerful impact on your subconscious mind.

Inspire3 claim that these covert messages can "reprogram" your mind to lose weight, gain confidence, improve memory, learn faster, become abundant, healthier, more creative, and so on. The software can display tens of thousands of such messages every day while you are working (or playing). More information about the science behind it can be viewed here.

All buyers of Subliminal360 receive a library of up to 350 different subliminal sessions, containing over 4000 individual affirmations, from building self-esteem to learning a new language to getting over fears. You can also add your own messages (with aspirational photos if you like).

And with the premium "Everything" version, you can also create your own custom subliminal audio MP3s at the click of a button

Once again, Inspire3 are offering free gifts and discounts to promote Subliminal360. Right now, just for checking out Subliminal360, you can download five free subliminal MP3s designed to help you with self-confidence, weight loss, focus, wealth and happiness. They are also offering a $50 discount on the "Everything" version. For more information, just click on the link below.

Visit the Subliminal360 website and access your free gifts, video tour and discounts here

As with all of Inspire3's products, there is never any obligation to buy anything (although obviously they hope that sooner or later you will!).

If you have any comments or questions about Subliminal360, as always, please do post them below.

* My blog sponsors WCCL publish a tool called Subliminal Power which works in a similar way to Subliminal 360. It's an older product and doesn't have as many features as Subliminal360, but then again it's a bit cheaper! Do check it out as well!

Subliminal-Power - Change your life with subliminal messaging

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